4 Pics 1 Word Daily Endless Oceans June 2 2021 Answers

The answer is:


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Dolphin (n.) — A permanent fender around a heavy boat just below the gunwale.

Dolphin (n.) — A cetacean of the genus Delphinus and allied genera (esp. D. delphis); the true dolphin.

Dolphin (n.) — The Coryphaena hippuris, a fish of about five feet in length, celebrated for its surprising changes of color when dying. It is the fish commonly known as the dolphin. See Coryphaenoid.

Dolphin (n.) — A mass of iron or lead hung from the yardarm, in readiness to be dropped on the deck of an enemy's vessel.

Dolphin (n.) — A kind of wreath or strap of plaited cordage.

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